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Google provide $100,000 for startups to use there service.

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The free credits can use the following Google cloud products:

What is Google Compute Engine (GCE)Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine provide Linux virtual machines auto scale like AWS. You can choose 1-8 virtual core VMs with 3.75G RAM each virtual core. The network is powered by Google high-performance network technology, maybe better than Linode or Amazon EC2.

Compare Google Compute Engine with Amazon EC2

I compared the 1 core Google Compute Engine virtual machine (GCE) with 3.75G memory with Amazon EC2 Medium Instance with 3.75 GB of memory, 2 EC2 Compute Units, 410 GB storage:

Google Compute Engine (GCE)

Compute power: 1 virtual core (2.75 GCEU)
Memory: 3.75G
Storage: 420GB
Price: $0.145 per Hour

Amazon EC2

Compute power: 2 EC2 compute units
Memory: 3.75G
Storage: 410 GB
Price: $0.160 per Hour

You can see Google and Amazon provides very similar price.

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