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What is Google Compute Engine (GCE)Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine provide Linux virtual machines auto scale like AWS. You can choose 1-8 virtual core VMs with 3.75G RAM each virtual core. The network is powered by Google high-performance network technology, maybe better than Linode or Amazon EC2.

Compare Google Compute Engine with Amazon EC2

I compared the 1 core Google Compute Engine virtual machine (GCE) with 3.75G memory with Amazon EC2 Medium Instance with 3.75 GB of memory, 2 EC2 Compute Units, 410 GB storage:

Google Compute Engine (GCE)

Compute power: 1 virtual core (2.75 GCEU)
Memory: 3.75G
Storage: 420GB
Price: $0.145 per Hour

Amazon EC2

Compute power: 2 EC2 compute units
Memory: 3.75G
Storage: 410 GB
Price: $0.160 per Hour

You can see Google and Amazon provides very similar price.

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1. The 1 year free tier

This means you can experience all of the Amazon Web Service for free. Including EC2, RDS, S3, etc.

2. Community and Support

Amazon itself do not provide very good support, but there is a community of developers and companies providing AWS related technology support.

3. All in one place

You can find almost all necessary component of you web stack, though some component is not very good, but All in one means it is well integrated.

4. Scalable and AutoScaling

You can scale up to more machine if there are high traffic at some time, and scale down to less machine to save the hosting cost. And it can be automatically scale up and scale down.

5. Cross Region and multi-AZ

You can build up your web stack cross multiple region, this means your website is alive even one region is die. You site is active on multiple active zone.

6. RDS

RDS of AWS is better then any other database hosting. You can have hot standby at another region, multiple master database at the same time.

And Master-Slave setup is also very easy. Backup is very easy and you even do not to care about this.

7. S3

S3 is easy to use. You can sync your files to S3 bucket with one command, this means you can write to disk, but read from S3.

8. Route 53

Route 53 provide DNS layer health detect. You can use Route 53 as the HA solution for multiple IDC.