The Web is filled with unstructured which only can be read by human. But there are some data crawling service available for you to convert the unstructured data to be structured data. With the structured data, you can analysis or regenerate more valuable data. The Data Crawling services always help you crawling a target website and extract the useful information. Then provide you data in the format of  JSON or XML. Most of the service provide site-specific crawl extraction function.

Here are some data crawling services*:

  • are 50,000 crawling nodes working for 80legs. The price of 80legs is 100,000 urls plus 2 USD every 1million url crawled for 29 USD per month. The clients of 80legs includs Paypal, Mailchimp.
  • (Transform any website into a table of data or a Structured API in minutes without even writing any code.) provide you a way to train the bot to extract data from webpage, just like the highlighting feature in google master tool. is free app which can be install in Windows, MacOS and linux.
  • price of scrap cloud of scrapinghub is $1 / 10,000 PAGES.
  • sales a suit of software which values about 20,000 USD.
  • plan of mozenda is 99 USD per month.
  • price of is one time fee $129.
  • price of prompt cloud is 199 USD per month. Prompt Cloud also provide Twitter crawling service.
  • http://priceonomics.comThere is not so much information on the website of Priceonomics, but there is a interesting blog. The price is 2000 USD per month.* In alphabetical orderWith these data crawling service, you can easily get information from websites.