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If you have lots of old users which email address are expired, you have to clean the mailing list before you send your marketing emails. And also you have to clean mail list regularly to make sure all the emails in your list is validate, so you mails will have high reputation and will not be blocked. Mail reputation have impact on the SEO result of your website. So clean mailing list is very important for most websites.

Recommend the following mail cleaning service:

Email Cleaning and Validation

Everything You Need to Get Delivered

The Next Generation of Email Validation

Real-Time Email Validation from LeadSpend

Every company or small business needs Email services, you have to select the suitable Email hosting provider.

Though there are lots of free email hosting providers, different company require unique features. Common email service for small business feature including: support multiple accounts, support bind your company’s domain, effective spam filtering, enough storage space, protect from viruses etc.

Different company needs different services

If your company is a technology startup, you may need more new features: bulk email api, fax to email api, Email marketing feature, analytics feature and email automation. That mean you can integrate the api of email service with your current IT stack. For example, with the email automation apis, you can create ticket in your consumer support system automatic is your client send support email to your support email address.

Email is important for marketing

Email is essential channel of marketing. You can acquire customer emails from your website, build your customer mail list and send marketing emails regularly and tracking the performance. It has better ROI than other marketing channels. Some email service application also use email as advertising method for clients.

Today, most services provide bulk email smtp relay function.

The most popular Email service software, provider or Email SaaS are: